Breast Actives Gives You Bigger Breasts Naturally

Why do so many women try to enhance the size of their breasts with Breast Actives? Because they’re not happy with the size, shape, and feel of their breasts. They don’t like the way their breasts look in clothes or especially how they look in a bathing suit. Let’s face it—most men enjoy larger breasts. A lot of females decide to have surgery to make their breasts bigger, but that costs a lot of money. It can also be risky, and a lot of men don’t like the way fake breasts look and feel.

A lot of women who desire bigger breasts do not know that they don’t need to go to the trouble and expense of undergoing surgery. There are alternatives. There are natural breast enhancement programs available that can provide fantastic results. These programs use natural herbs that stimulate certain hormones in a woman’s body. This increases the production of breast tissue as well as promotes hair growth. It’s kind of a “second puberty.”

What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is the number one natural breast enhancer you can buy today. The company has been around for about five years now and has helped thousands of women. There are three components of the Breast Actives program:

• An herbal cream that you apply to your breasts every day.
• A pill full of natural supplements that you take like a vitamin.
• A unique breast enlargement exercise program.

But does Breast Actives work? Unlike a lot of natural products, the herbs used in the Breast Actives enhancement cream and vitamin are of very high quality. The dosages are much larger than other products as well. The Breast Actives website has an extensive section on product control and testing. As a result, the customers who buy Breast Actives swear by the product. They feel good knowing that they’re getting a potent, yet safe, combination of only the best natural herbs.

Breast Actives Combines Ancient Wisdom with Modern Medicine

A lot of folks think that all herbal products are nothing more than scams. But chemical compounds found in herbs and plants make up the foundation for hundreds of pharmaceuticals approved by the government. Not too long ago, a study performed by a major university showed that more than half of all modern pharmaceuticals used to treat cancer are based upon elements found in plants.

So it’s definitely worth trying a natural product like Breast Actives before getting surgery. What have you got to lose?

The Dangers of Breast Implants

A warning about using silicone in cosmetic surgery, including lip enhancements, has been issued by the government amid fears that it may poison patients.

Doctors, after recognising the risks of breast implants leaking, are worried that even small amounts of silicone-based liquids used to smooth out facial lines and sculpt pouting lips can be harmful.

Hundreds of women who claim they have been poisoned by silicone are calling for the treatment, including injections to lips and cheeks, to be banned. They are led by Margo Cameron, who has won legal aid to sue a Harley Street surgeon who supervised male enhancement operations to sculpt her lips by injecting silicone-based liquid.

Experts are concerned that the liquid can escape from areas where it is injected, potentially causing nerve damage, rheumatism and arthritis elsewhere. But some private clinics are continuing to offer the treatment. The Department of Health (DoH), in issuing the nationwide warning, last week acknowledged it has no idea how many private clinics still use silicone. But plastic surgeons report seeing a steady number of patients suffering problems after lip enhancement operations and other cosmetic surgery.

Dai Davies, a consultant at Charing Cross hospital in London, says he is asked every few months to try to repair damage to patients who have been injected with the substance. He said: “There is no such thing as a biological Provillus. This stuff migrates and ulcerates out through the skin.”

Others believe the Provillus liquid also causes life-threatening illnesses. Cameron, 42, has developed multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system, which she says is a result of having silicone liquid inserted into her lips. A scan has revealed deposits in her brain which, she believes, are traces of silicone that have moved through her bloodstream.

She became ill months after receiving the injections, costing Pounds 900, in 1990. She sold her house in Highgate, north London, gave up her job and went to America to find someone who could explain her symptoms, which include pains in her joints and neck. She said: “It has ruined my life. I can’t work any more and I live from day to day. There is growing evidence this stuff is harmful.”

A former artist’s agent, she also heads a pressure group called Silicone Support UK, which represents 700 women with complaints about cosmetic treatments. She says most women complain about breast enlargement operations; but she believes people who have undergone facial surgery involving silicone are only now beginning to realise it is the cause of subsequent illnesses. Last week LST, another private clinic in Harley Street conducting cosmetic surgery, was still offering silicone implants for lips. Such treatment costs up to Pounds 1,950. When asked by The Sunday Times why it has ignored the DoH warning, nobody at the clinic was available to comment. The DoH said it was powerless to regulate operations in the private sector.

At least 100,000 women have undergone silicone-gel breast implants in Britain over the past 30 years. The evidence for a causal link between such treatment and other diseases remains controversial.

Doctors believe genuine cases of silicone-induced illness have been eclipsed by other, less well-founded claims. A senior London rheumatologist, who did not wish to be named, said three women planning legal action after suffering pain following cosmetic surgery using silicone had been referred to him.

“I think two have nothing wrong with them and the other one does,” he said. “In my heart I think silicone is a harmful agent.”